Raw Magnesite

Magnesite (MgCO3) is carbonate of magnesium. It is usually found as irregular veins in serpentine and formed by replacement of dolomite and limestone. Calcium and silica are, therefore, the most common impurities observed in magnesite along with Fe2O3 and Al2O3.

The recovery of Magnesite from blasted earth is about one in thirty. After picking the Magnesite, the remaining reject material is removed by mechanical operation using heavy earthmoving equipment.


Lightly Calcined Magnesite

The above mined Magnesite ore is used for captive consumption for manufacturing Lightly Calcined Magnesite in our own factory.LCM is produced by sintering raw magnesite Shaft Kiln at a controlled temperature 1100 degree centigrade by using coal. The Lightly Calcined Magnesite is chemically reactive material.


Dead Burnt Magnesite

Dead Burnt Magnesite is produced in shaft kiln by sintering raw magnesite at a temperature of 1700 degree centigrade in batch process using petcoke and it is chemically inactive. Dead Burnt Magnesite is consumed mostly in the production of Refractory materials




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